Why Choose
Doorkeep vs Your Cell Phone?

With Doorkeep, you no longer need to buy an extra cell phone or use your personal / business phone number to keep in contact with your property's tenants, vendors and team. We'll get you a local phone number, powerful communication tools and enable you to stay organized with the communication needs at your properties.

Stop giving your personal phone number to your tenants or buying extra cell phones.

Whether you are managing one or one hundred properties, you (and your team) are most likely communicating to tenants through your cell phone. Its starts out as an easy thing to just give tenants, maintenance staff and team members your phone number. You tell them to call or text you anytime.

After a few lost text messages, miss phone calls, being bugged in the middle of the day, to sending text messages to a tenant that you meant to goto a friend. Oops. Soon you realize this isn't working out.

Either you keep using your personal / business phone and just make it work. Perhaps you buy another cell phone, but now you have an extra phone and large monthly expense. Maybe you try using a online business phone system like Google Voice but give up because it falls short at scale easily.

With Doorkeep I took all of this into account and more to design communications software for the full time property management team or the part time manager of one building...

So what makes Doorkeep different from a cell phone?

Here are nine ways Doorkeep obsoletes using your personal or business cell phone for managing properties.

New local phone number

Stop using your personal, business or whatever else you came up with call or text your tenants. Get a Doorkeep phone number and regain your privacy.

Permanent record of phone calls and text messages

Your messages and call logs are safe and secured in your Doorkeep account. You'll never worry about deleting a critical message.

No more duplicated replies or lost messages

With our shared phone number and inbox you and anyone else using Doorkeep will know when and who responded to which tenant.

Designed for managing properties

Your cell phone and other online business phone systems are designed with property management in mind. Doorkeep is built from day one to organize and notify you like a property manager.

Property hours

With property hours you can set the times and days you can receive phone calls, text messages and notifications. If a tenant calls you for an emergency, we'll be sure they get through to you.

Write one message to everyone at the property

Ever sent a group message to an entire property or sent the same announcement message 50 times to each tenant? With Doorkeep, simply send a message to a property or property group and we'll route the message for you.

All contacts in one place for everyone

Keep your tenants, vendors team members and any other valuable contacts in one place. When you add team members they'll have no only the contact the history of their conversation. Never lose a tenant contact again.

Communicate with sales, vendors and team members

Have the lawn service send you regular text messages so you know the job is done. Or maybe have the painter send you their invoice via text message. It'll all be in one place whenver they do.

Know who is who and where they live

When you get a notification from Doorkeep about a new text message, we'll make sure you know who its from. When you have the contact information in Doorkeep, there will be no more mystery numbers.

Communicate together as a team

With our shared inbox you can work with as many people as you may need. Add a friend to help you with messages on the weekend. Or invite the entire property management team. You only pay per person.

Daily and weekly email digest

Email's sent to your inbox daily and and weekly for that extra reminder about conversations, questions and activity about the communication for your property.

Shared responses and scheduled messages

Get a lot of the same questions? Carefuly craft a great response for you and anyone else on the team to use.

Does all that sound good?

Good because there is even more where that came from. We'ld love to have you a customer today. 🎉

Start a Doorkeep phone number and account today