Why Choose
Doorkeep instead of Google Voice?

Doorkeep is the Google Voice alternative designed from the ground up for the property manager and property management team. Finally, an alternative that a property manager will love to use.

Google Voice is the consumer product that popularized a cell phone but in the cloud.

Google Voice popularized a virtual cell phone number in the cloud. They made it easy to get a phone number that anyone can send text messages, make phone calls with and more. Its limited however in that it's a consumer product and to make it worse, Google has over the years lost interest in the product so it has stalled out.

If you've tried to use Google Voice with your properties, you immediately liked the virtual phone number found some common problems immediately. It became easy to forget to respond to text messages from tenants because there was no reminders, or followups or anything nudging you along. For a few tenants, its okay but after enough tenants it becomes very difficult to organize your tenant and there is no concept of a property to organize or configure.

Even though its free Google Voice falls short for the property manager and if you are looking for a product like it but built from the ground up to solve those problems and more then you are in the right place.

So what makes Doorkeep different from Google Voice?

Here are nine ways Doorkeep addresses the issues with using Google Voice to text and call tenants.

Unified inbox for texts and calls

Google Voice spreads calls and messages across multiple inboxes. With Doorkeep it'll be in one central location.

Dedicated location for your tenants, vendors and other contacts

Google Voice not only spreads your messages, calls around. It also does not have good organization of your contacts. Doorkeep is designed to organize your contacts as tenants into properties and configure each property's communication settings.

Comments and activity tracking

Ever wanted to leave a reminder note or remember who changed with a contact in Google Voice? You can in Doorkeep. Every change to a tenant, property and any communication action is recorded and logged in one place for you.

Shared replies

Craft responses for common questions so you and your team can have the same answer ready to respond.

Scheduled message delivery

Hit send, deliver later. Doorkeep can keep messages safe until you’ve scheduled them to be delivered at the perfect time.

Follow up reminders

Never forget to respond to a text message or call someone back. Get a non-emergency maintenance request while you’re also giving a prospective tenant a tour? Doorkeep will remind you to respond and follow-up with a contact.

Conversation and property assignments

Establish team workflows with property manager assignments and conversation assignments. Create accountability with your team and help you remember conversations and activity in the future about a contact, unit or property.

Group messages to properties, units, etc

It's not easy remembering everyone's name, building, and unit. With property groups you can send messages to a property, unit or building.

Property hours

Busy during the day? Control how and when you receive messages and phone calls from the tenants at your properties with property hours.

Communicate together as a team

Doorkeep is built to support a team environment for communication so you can send a messages and accept phone calls from one single source. Go further with property manager assignments and conversation assignments.

Daily and weekly email digest

Stay in the loop regarding the communication in your properties. Users on your account receive daily and weekly reports about communication activity.

Small company dedicated to solving this problem and move fast

Doorkeep is dedicated to make the best communications software for property managers. We love our customers, feedback and move fast.

Does all that sound good?

Good because there is even more where that came from. We'ld love to have you a customer today. 🎉

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