Doorkeep is live! 10 reasons you'll ❤️ about Doorkeep

Doorkeep is Live 🎉 10 reasons anyone managing properties will love Doorkeep
Written By Andy Peters (Founder)

I'm so excited to announce that Doorkeep is now officially launched and publicly available. If you like what you are reading in the this "launch" article, sign up today.

Doorkeep is organized communication software designed from the ground up for the property manager and management team. It started with idea of getting SMS text messaging under control for my property manager friend. Its has since grown into a shared inbox, complete message center, bundled with powerful phone call controls (and much more) all designed around managing properties.

I announced Doorkeep on Twitter back in March of 2021. Since then I've worked with customers tuning the product, its messaging and just getting to know so many people managing properties. It has been a joy building this product and I'm just getting started.

Here are ten product highlights (actual screenshots from the app from Dec 2021) I think any property manager is gonna like about using Doorkeep:

  1. Team inbox

    Designed from the ground up so you can manage communications with other people, Doorkeep is a team inbox. You can call it a shared inbox too if you prefer.

  2. Cloud based phone number that works just like a cell phone.

    You can stop giving out your personal or work cell phone number with Doorkeep. Keep everything in one place, so you'll never forget to respond and never loose that communication. Doorkeep works just like your cell phone does, just a lot more powerful and designed to be shared with others on your team.

    402-555-1212 is a fake phone number for demo purposes but this is one of places you'll see your Doorkeep phone number.
  3. Make your Doorkeep phone number only for tenants.

    Often, people want their Doorkeep phone number to only be used with their residents at their properties. Doorkeep improves this idea but giving you the option to cut out everyone that calls or text's this phone number who is not a tenant. This will cut out the unwanted communications and reduce the communication stress you are already having.

  4. Followup text or call reminders.

    We've all been there, forgot to respond to a text message. Your residents just want to send you a text message. When you have a lot of residents, it can be hard to remember to followup with everyone who has texted you in a day or hour or week. Doorkeep helps you keep on top of replies so you can't forget who to reply to by sending you timely reminders and leaving conversations as a task that needs completing. Maybe someone else on the team could respond to that resident? You'll know about it.

    When a reminder to followup is sent to a property manager, you'll see it recorded in the tenant's conversation.
  5. Assign a property manager to each property you have.

    Properties have managers in Doorkeep. What does that mean? The user assigned to the property as the property manager will be the first person to receive the phone call from a tenant or be notified about the text message. If they miss the call or text, they will be reminded about it. THis is a good way to keep a team organized. You can change this anytime too.

  6. Text messaging only communications for a property.

    Residents are more commonly wanting to communicate with you via text messaging. If this is your preferred method set your property to be "text messaging" only. Property managers like this because it helps eliminate yet another notification and distraction. When this is enable and a tenant calls your Doorkeep phone number, the automated answering service will notify them that this property is text message only. Then Doorkeep will send them a text message automatically to get the conversation going with them for you.

    This may not be a good choice for all of your properties. This is why its an option you can turn on when you want to.

    Property communication setting options.
  7. Send one text message to a property, let Doorkeep route text messages to each tenant.

    Ever need to send a message to everyone at the property? Maybe you have used a group message and found out how bad of an idea that was. Maybe you copy and pasted many many different contacts the same message? Well, we solved that. When you select your property you can click "Send a message to all tenants". When you send this message we route a message individually to each tenant. This way everyone's phone number isn't revealed to the property and when someone replies to the message its kept in one conversation. This is great for announcements such as property wide maintenance or updates.

    Example sending 1 messages to all 5 residents at Arlen Duplex.
  8. Property specific voicemail boxes.

    Its so difficult for a resident to remember the property management company they are calling or the name of the manager. What they do remember, is the name of the apartment complex, or property name or location. This happens to me all the time while renting, even when I got to know the property manager really well. Confirming with the tenant that they are calling the place they live, is real nice touch in personalization and making the residence experience excellent.

    Every property has 3 different voicemail box options: default (auto generated by Doorkeep for you), text-to-speech (you type the message, we say it) and finally you can upload your own mp3 files.
  9. Daily and weekly emails about communications sent to you and your team.

    Keep yourself and everyone else in the team up-to-date with property wide communications through regular email digests. Doorkeep summarizes what communication has taken place and what needs to be followed up on and send that email to everyone on the team. Help you team with transparency or keep a birds eye view on the team communications through emails.

    Example daily email summary.
  10. Shared replies and responses.

    Do you currently send the same text message response to tenants about rent or the maintenance procedures but worded differently everytime? Maybe you are organized enough to put these common responses in a spreadsheet? Well get them out and into your inbox for your entire team to see and use immediately as they respond to text messages at the property.

    Example of a message using a shared response for community pool hours.
  11. (BONUS) Property Hours and Auto Replies.

    This is a bonus item because we are testing it now and not officially available at launch. Its on track to be be available first part of 2022.

    Property Hours is the Do Not Disturb button for your property. When enabled, if a tenant calls or sends you a text message and its during property hours, you'll be notified right away. However if its after hours, the assigned property manager will not be bothered. The tenant will receive an automated text message (that you can set). The property manager will get reminded when property hours is back the tenants who have called (left a voicemail) or texted.

    I know what you are thinking, "but what about emergency situations?" These happen for sure! If they call back or text back within 30 minutes, it'll ring right through (or if its a text message) you'll be notified right away.

    The current property hours confirmation for each property.

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