Why Doorkeep?

Route inbound communications and notifications
to the right property manager, or team... faster.

If you manage multiple properties, with more than one property manager, you want incoming text messages, calls and voicemails to go to the appropriate property manager or team automatically. This saves time and adds an elevated level of personalization and customer service for your tenants. Once again, Doorkeep has you covered. Simply set up each property with assigned contacts (i.e. tenant phone numbers and names) and a specific property manager.

From there, the assigned property manager will be the first person to receive text messages, calls, voicemails, and Doorkeep notifications regarding that property. Have a new tenant? Just add them to that property. Change property managers? Simply assign a new one.

Property manager assignment for call and text message routing
Property voicemail settings

Beyond property contact and manager assignment, you can also set up property-specific welcome and goodbye messages. These messages reassure tenants that they have reached the correct contact for their residence.

Every property has three different voicemail options:

  • Default (auto generated by Doorkeep)
  • Text-to-speech (you type the message, Doorkeep says it).
  • Your own voice on an uploaded mp3 file.

Start using Doorkeep today. Have questions? Schedule a demo.