Why Doorkeep?

Stop giving out your personal cell number,
paying for two phones,
or using a costly phone system.

Tenants often ask questions that result in the same or similar responses from you or your team. Doorkeep helps you save these common responses as a “shared response” and makes it easy to reuse them later when faced with a similar question. These shared responses reduce response effort and keep tenant communications consistent.

Shared replies and shared responses in action
Property announcement and property wide messages.

From simple update announcements, to notices of maintenance, property managers frequently need to reach all of the tenant contacts at a specific property. In these instances, Doorkeep makes it easy to mass message a properties’ contacts with a single click. Each contact gets an individual message so they can communicate directly with the property manager in an individual, rather than group, setting.

For many of us, text communication has become a primary, or preferred, form of communication. For property managers or tenants that prefer text, Doorkeep allows you to restrict communications to text messages only. When this setting is enabled, tenants that call your Doorkeep phone number receive an automated message notifying them that their property is text message only. Doorkeep also automatically sends the calling tenant a text message to get the conversation going.

Property settings tenant communication preferences.

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