Why Doorkeep?

Stop giving out your personal cell number,
paying for two phones,
or using a costly phone system.

Property managers don’t want tenants to have their personal cell phone number, because if they do, the property manager becomes a bottleneck in the business. Tenants can call or text at all hours, including when a property manager is unavailable, which can create issues for the property manager personally and for the business. In an attempt to solve this problem, property managers often buy an additional business cell phone, or use costly phone systems that aren’t designed for their business.

Enter Doorkeep. Doorkeep provides a low-cost, cloud-based phone number that works with any phone and in tandem with a personal or work number. Because this number is tied to Doorkeep’s powerful communication software, it prevents an individual property manager from being a bottleneck in the business and ensures tenants receive appropriate, timely responses to both text messages and voicemails. -

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