Communication tools created for property managers

Hello! My name is Andy Peters, the founder of Doorkeep. A few years ago, I needed to quickly get ahold of the property manager where I was living but I couldn’t just send him a text or email. It had to be a phone call, which was hit-or-miss if I was going to get him on the line or not. It was going to be a game of phone tag with him on the weekend, when all I wanted to do was get him a message and have the request logged.

An idea was formed: what if he had a way for me to get ahold of him, but didn’t have to be a text (he clearly didn’t want his private number used) or email that would languish away all weekend until he logged in on Monday? What if his team had a tool that met not only my needs, but respected his privacy and helped him keep on top of requests even when he needed a day off? I was surprised there was not already software products for him and come to find out current software platforms available for him barely covered the basic messaging need. 

I was lucky to get to know my past property manager, management teams, and many independent investors over the years. I remember one of the first managers I met with had six cell phones on him. Other managers mixed their personal phone and just got a new number every few years to keep some sense of privacy from past tenets and vendors.

Doorkeep is the result of talking to so many people working every day and night to manage their rental properties.  Its designed to be the property manager's missing power tool to organize communications for rental properties.

Doorkeep is live! 10 launch features I know you will love.