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September 5th, 2023 Andy Peters
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Efficient communication is the cornerstone of successful property management, ensuring that tenants’ needs are met promptly, maintenance issues are addressed swiftly, and property managers can stay responsive and organized. This is why I built Doorkeep.

It’s no secret that, we’ve witnessed a shift in tenant preferences, with text messaging emerging as the preferred communication channel, reflecting the modern tenant’s desire for convenient and efficient interactions.

MultiFamily Executive: 79% preference for text messaging among renters was published while we were hard at work on this new pricing plan.

To communicate with property managers, 79% of renters think they should be able to get everything they need through direct message, text, or chat. “It’s a lot of good news for property managers as ‘centralization’ is one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry right now,”

– Jay Parsons chief economist for RealPage 2023

Being connected with your tenants and your tenants knowing they are connected with you is critical. Using text messaging to connect with them properly the way they want to be connected with you, is the best. From instant rent payment reminders to quick maintenance request submissions and even emergency notifications, text messaging has proven invaluable in property management by streamlining communication and enhancing tenant engagement.

Starting today, property managers can now access Doorkeep’s core features through text messages, scheduled message delivery, property wide text messaging announcements, reports and so much more.

What do I get?

Here’s a current list of the features available to you:

  • Text Messaging
  • Scheduled Text Message Delivery
  • Property Wide Text Message Announcements
  • Text Messaging Reports
  • Incoming call forwarding
  • Voicemail (typed or recorded)
  • Followup reminders
  • Email notifications
  • Auto Replies
  • Shared Text Replies

What if I receive a phone call?

With this plan, any incoming phone calls to your Doorkeep phone number will automatically go to voicemail or just forwarded to you. Not only will you always have access to those voicemails, but we’ve also implemented an intelligent feature that sends an automatic text message reply to the caller, politely informing them that this is a text message only line.

Auto Replies

Optionally, you can configure Doorkeep to automatically respond with a text message to a caller who left the voicemail to politely remind them that you only reply via text messages.

Upgrade anytime

When you find you need to be making and receiving phone calls again from your Doorkeep account, you are just an upgrade away.


Pricing starts at $25/month.

Let me know what you think!

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Text Messaging

Starting at $25/month

Pay annually and save. Cancel anytime.