The Talkroute alternative designed for property management

Doorkeep is the alternative to Talkroute as purpose built communication software for property managers to be more connected and organized with their tenants, vendors, owners and more.

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Talkroute is a generic small business phone system.

Talkroute is a power product, but its designed to support the needs of anyone running any type of small business. Your communication needs to best support your property management business are specific.

Doorkeep was purpose built communications to support property managers like yourself.

Replace a general small business phone system, with a dedicated for property management phone system.

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6 reasons Doorkeep can replace Talkroute for property management.

1. Properties, Tenants, Vendors, Sales, and Owners.

Talkroute has limited contact support.

Talkroute gives you contacts, but with no way to easily know if they are tenants, vendors or owners. Further, no easy way to know which property they are at.

Doorkeep has properties, tenants and more.

Doorkeep is the dedicated communications product for property managers that comes with a shared address book to help you identify who your contacts are and where they live.

That shared address book helps you organize your multiple contact types across properties.

Not only does organizing contacts help you and your team, but it powers Doorkeep's advanced call forwarding and notification system.

2. Call Routing based on Contact Type and Property

Talkroute cannot forward calls based on contact.

Talkroute has call forwarding and call routing features.

With its many ways to configure call forwarding, it does not allow you to configure specific users to field vendor calls or divide up calls for each of your properties.

Doorkeep sends out regular reminders to followup with your contacts.

Doorkeep lets you configure the person your team who should receive a phone call from tenants, vendors, owners and sales prospects.

Each property has an assigned user and that user receives phone calls from tenants.

Vendor, owner and sales prospect calls can be configured to forward to anyone on your team or goto voicemail.

3. Reports with properties

Talkroute reports do not include properties

Being informed about the number of text messages and phone calls helps you and your team be more efficient.

Talkroute does not have even the basic reports to help you learn about the communication trends across your properties or team.

Doorkeep has reporting with properties in mind.

With Doorkeep, you can visualize the text messages and phone calls you and your team fields.

Reports even include the properties, so you can quantify the communication trends for each of your properties.

If you are data informed you can be more efficient with your operations across your properties.

4. Property wide text messaging

Talkroute does not have text message announcements

Talkroute allows you to send text messages individually to contacts. This is ideal for one on communication with customers.

But what if you need to send a message to everyone at the property?

Doorkeep delivers individual text messages to each tenant.

With Doorkeep, you can send a text message to every tenant at the entire property.

This is a time saver for announcements that everyone needs to see.

Doorkeep delivers each message separately so it appears as a one to one conversation with your tenants and does not expose everyone's phone number.

5. Never forget to followup

Talkroute forgets to remind you.

When you receive a text message or miss a phone call from a tenant, Talkroute sends you one notification.

That might be okay in the moment if you are ready to act, but you are probably out in the field working on a property, at your day job because you do this on the side or fields multiple other calls when that one notification comes in.

Doorkeep sends out regular reminders to followup with your contacts.

Doorkeep assigns all conversations to each user on your team. Each person is responsible for following up with contacts.

We regularly send followup reminder notifications assigned to the contact's conversation. The reminder is even in the conversation's activity so everyone will know.

In addition, daily and weekly email reports are sent to summarize the week or day's communications trends.

6. Paper-trail of activities and notifications

Talkroute does not track activity or notifications.

Talkroute does not keep track of changes made to contacts, properties, or conversation updates.

When a notification is sent to a user, there is no record of that to make part of your conversation.

Doorkeep keeps track of all changes and notifications for you.

Doorkeep keeps track of all changes made to your tenants, vendors, owners and sales prospects, their conversations, all properties and more.

Doorkeep also tracks all notifications sent out to the team so there is no question if a team member was sent an email reminder about following up with a contact or not.

Our goal is to increase communication transparency across the team and ensure you have a record of everything.

Import contacts and phone call history from Talkroute into Doorkeep

Bring your Talkroute call history with you

Now its easier than ever to get started with Doorkeep. You can import Talkroute phone call history right into Doorkeep.

Learn more about Doorkeep Import and Integrations

Purpose built communication software for property management

Make and receive phone calls

Call anyone on your contact list from your Doorkeep phone number. Receive incoming phone calls from the app or your mobile phone.

Voicemails and call recording

Record, manage, listen, and share all tenant, owner, prospects and any other contact's voicemails and recorded phone calls.

Advanced call routing

Any incoming call from your Doorkeep contacts will be forwarded to the cell phone or directly in the app of members of your team.

Schedule text message delivery

Write a text message response to a contact and schedule it to be delivered at a later day and time.

Shared Replies

Create responses for common questions so anyone on the team can use them to respond to text messages.

Auto replies

Let Doorkeep automatically reply to contacts when a phone call is missed or a text message was received.

Property based reporting

Gain insights about each property's the phone calls and text message trends.

Priority calling notifications

Assign a property manager(s) and that user will be the first to receive phone calls and text message notifications from tenants in their assigned property.

Property wide text messages

Send one text message to a property and let Doorkeep route it to each tenant individually.

Call Menu

Design an ideal call menu system for incoming calls for all of your contacts. Optionally allow tenants to skip the menu and send them directly to their property manager.

Forward calls based on contacts

Calls from vendors, owners and anyone else not a tenant can be easily setup to be forwarded to specific users on your team.

Notification and activity review

Easily see who's been reminded and what communication related notifications have been sent to members of the team.

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