Text Messaging for property management

Text messaging is integral in property management operations. Doorkeep is built from the ground up to help for property managers utilize text messaging efficiently to be more connected with their tenants, vendors, property owners and even new leads.

Connect with tenants

Send text messages to tenants, vendors, owners and new leads.

Text Messaging

Text messaging just like on your phone, but unlocked from your device to be used with a team and stored for safe keeping.

Send and receive text messages as a team.
With centralized communications, everyone sends text messages from the same phone number.
SMS, MMS, videos, file support and more.
Send and receive text messaging just like a cell phone. Receive photos and videos from your tenants to help in maintenance requests and inspections.
Stored in the cloud, not on a phone.
Keep a record of everything safe in the cloud. Including any photos and videos sent in a text message.
Text messaging with tenants
Property wide text messaging

Send a text message to everyone at the property

Property messaging

Property update announcements, to notices of maintenance, property managers frequently need to reach all tenant contacts at a specific property.

No more group text messages.
With property announcements, a text message is delivered to each tenant individually. This helps retain each person's privacy and eliminates unwanted text message responses from anyone on the group message list.
Scheduled delivery
Just like a text message to an individual contact, you can schedule the delivery for a property announcement text message.
Easily see the announcement in the inbox
View the property announcement as a grouped summary or for each individual contact in the inbox.

Automatically send text message replies

Auto replies

Automatically respond to text messages, missed phone calls, or voicemails with a pre-defined text message response.

Reply while you are away.
Automatically deliver a text messages to contacts for when you away about missed phone calls and text messages.
Customize auto replies for tenants.
Easily customize different auto replies for each one of your properties and the tenants.
Auto response in the inbox
When viewing the conversations, you'll know a message was sent as an auto reply because the sender is Doorkeep Bot.
Auto reply text messages

Text messaging built from the ground up for property management.

Text messaging is integral in your property management operations. This is why we make sure every text messaging detail is for property managers.

Text from same phone number.
Using one phone number ensures your tenants, vendors and owners are never confused by who to send a text message to.
Followup reminders.
Never forget to followup on a text message with a tenant every again with regular reminders to respond to a text message from a tenant.
Messages all in one place.
Centralize all of your text messages into an organized inbox. You'll never have to track down other phones for text messages.
Label each text message.
Keep track of what type of text messages you get by labeling them. Whether its maintenance, complaints, or questions you now have data about the types of messages you receive.
Scheduled delivery.
Schedule the delivery of a text message to a tenant or a vendor ahead of time so they can see it delivered to them at a better time. Helpful during off hours and tenant reminders.
Compliance with standards.
We take every step to ensure you are in compliance with ever FCC communication standards. These steps ensure your text messages get delivered and in a timely manner.

Purpose built communication software for property management

Make and receive phone calls

Call anyone on your contact list from your Doorkeep phone number. Receive incoming phone calls from the app or your mobile phone.

Voicemails and call recording

Record, manage, listen, and share all tenant, owner, prospects and any other contact's voicemails and recorded phone calls.

Advanced call routing

Any incoming call from your Doorkeep contacts will be forwarded to the cell phone or directly in the app of members of your team.

Schedule text message delivery

Write a text message response to a contact and schedule it to be delivered at a later day and time.

Shared Replies

Create responses for common questions so anyone on the team can use them to respond to text messages.

Auto replies

Let Doorkeep automatically reply to contacts when a phone call is missed or a text message was received.

Property based reporting

Gain insights about each property's the phone calls and text message trends.

Priority calling notifications

Assign a property manager(s) and that user will be the first to receive phone calls and text message notifications from tenants in their assigned property.

Property wide text messages

Send one text message to a property and let Doorkeep route it to each tenant individually.

Call Menu

Design an ideal call menu system for incoming calls for all of your contacts. Optionally allow tenants to skip the menu and send them directly to their property manager.

Forward calls based on contacts

Calls from vendors, owners and anyone else not a tenant can be easily setup to be forwarded to specific users on your team.

Notification and activity review

Easily see who's been reminded and what communication related notifications have been sent to members of the team.

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