Import your contacts, properties and calls

We built the ultimate communication tool for property managers. Let us help you free your contacts, properties and call history from another product so you can get started with Doorkeep quicker. Check out the ways to import your existing data into your Doorkeep account.

  • Import contacts from Buildium


    Import properties and contacts

    Export your properties and contacts from your Buildium account into Doorkeep. Buildium has a process to export and create export files that we can use to import into your Doorkeep account.

    Export contacts from Buildium
  • Import contacts and call history from TalkRoute


    Import contacts and call history

    Export your contacts and call history from your Talkroute account and import that into your Doorkeep account. Talkroute requires a premium account to export data.

    Read more: Export from Talkroute.
  • Import Google Contacts

    Google Voice

    Import existing contacts

    Import your contacts from Google Voice. You can export your contacts right in Google Voice and you'll be provided with a .csv file. You can then upload that to Doorkeep and we'll import your contacts. Google Connect coming soon.

  • CSV File

    Contacts, properties, calls, etc..

    Have your contacts and properties in a different format? Let us help you import them! Just upload a CSV file and let us know we'll be sure to craft a custom import for you - free of charge.

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Import your existing contacts and properties today

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