Communication tools designed for your rental properties

Doorkeep's gives you a phone number to manage calls and text messages with your properties. Together with an organized inbox, communication workflows and reporting you and your team can communicate efficiently.

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Residents and vendors never have to download a separate app to talk to you. They can text, email, and call all while you’re keeping it organized.


Keep your private phone number for your mom. Doorkeep gives you a local phone number and email address to use.


Doorkeep supports your team, no matter the size. From independent investor to growing teams, you can add users when you want.

Designed for properties

Powerful messaging features designed for a property manager's day to day workflow in communicating with tenants, vendors, owners, and more.

For tenants

Actively engage with all your residents how and where they want to engage with you.

Have one on one conversations with your residents using text messages, email or chat. Maintain a record of all communication and notifications with the tenant and never loose that communication activity. No app for your tenant to download.

Messaging tenants

For sales

React quickly with sales leads

Your sales leads can call or text your Doorkeep phone number from your property listing. Let them engage with you during a showing or followup with them after a showing. Keep notes in all conversations for reference with the rest of your team. Easily convert your sales leads to your tenant in Doorkeep.

Messaging sales

For vendors

Keep communication records with your vendors

Enable your vendors to show you when a job is done. Doorkeep enables any of your contacts to send attachments in text messages or emails. We keep these attachments for as long as you have an account.

Message vendors

Features for a property manager

Deliver the best customer service for your properties

Powerful features that empower you and your team to communicate among properties with efficiency. All of this and no additional app for your tenants, vendors or owners.

Eliminate missed messages

Shared inboxes give your team visibility into new, oldest, and un-responded messages and phone calls at a quick glance.

No more duplicated responses

A shared phone number, inbox and assignments give the team the power when someone else responded.

Never lose a message

Your messages and call logs are safe and secured in your Doorkeep account. You'll never worry about deleting a critical message.

Send a message to a property unit

It's not easy remembering everyone's name, building, and unit. Send to a property, unit or building and let Doorkeep route the messages for you.

Property announcements

Need a message to go out to everyone at a property? Type one message, and Doorkeep will send the messages to all the residents of the property.

Automatic property replies

Always communicating with tenants what the gate code is or when rent is due for a specific property? Setup automated property responses for registered tenants.

Shared responses

Craft responses for common questions so you and your team can have the same answer ready to respond.

Followup alert notifications

Get a non-emergency maintenance request while you’re also giving a prospective tenant a tour? Doorkeep will remind you to respond and follow-up with a contact.

Schedule message delivery

Hit send, deliver later. Doorkeep can keep messages safe until you’ve scheduled them to be delivered at the perfect time.

An organized inbox designed for anyone managing rental properties

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