Communication tools designed for managing properties

Doorkeep integrates a phone number, email, text, and chat all into efficient workflows - empowering your team to deliver excellent customer service with your tenants, owners, team, and vendors.

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Our shared inbox empowers you and your team to stay on top of text messages and phone calls.

Stop buying extra phones and giving out your personal phone numbers.

An inbox for managing properties

Gain control of your workflow with text messages, phone calls, and emails - no matter how many properties you own.

  • Use private comments to communicate with your team - or reminders for yourself.
  • Your calls and messages are stored and always safe with Doorkeep.
  • Use scheduled messages to hit send and deliver later.
  • It's not easy remembering everyone's name, building, and unit. With property groups you can send messages to a property, unit or building.
Doorkeep's property management inbox user interface

Connect with your tenants

Thoughtful customer service and communication will help you create meaningful relationships with tenants and retain them.

  • Empower you and your team to be there when they call or send you a text message.
  • Configure when, and who, receives tenant calls and texts.
  • Never forget to respond to a tenant because we'll remind you to do so until you do or mark it as completed.
Doorkeep's tenant texting user interface within the shared inbox

Property hours for notification control

Control how and when you receive messages and phone calls from the tenants. You can even tell them that in the auto reply. Its Do Not Disturbed for the property manager.

  • Configure how and when each property notifies the property manager.
  • Use auto replies so you never leave a tenet hanging, even when you are busy.
  • You will still always be reminded of tenant messages, but its on your time.
  • If its an emergency, the tenant can call or text back within 10 minutes to get through.
Property hours is do not disturbed for a property manager

A local phone number with control

You pick a number to best fit your properties. It works like a cell phone linking you to phone calls and text messaging, but designed for property managers.

  • Set up your phone number for only communication with tenants. Blocks incoming phone calls and texts if not a tenant.
  • Or keep it open for all things related to your properties like lease inquires or maintenance staff. Have a call log for everything.
  • Or just use Doorkeep for text messaging and block phone calls.
Local phone number so you to set it for only tenants or an open line for your property.

Works well with others

Doorkeep is built to support a team environment for communication so you can send messages and accept phone calls from a single source.

  • Establish team workflows with property manager assignments and conversation assignments.
  • Create accountability with your team and help you remember conversations and activity in the future about a contact, unit or property.
  • Craft responses for common questions, so the can have the same answer ready to respond to text messages.
Doorkeep is built to be used with teams