SMS Text Messaging with Tenants, Sales and Vendors

Texting with Tenants should be easy

Sending and receiving text messages with tenants should be easy for you or anyone on the team.

For tenants

Actively engage with all your residents how and where they want to engage with you.

Have one on one conversations with your residents using text messages, email or chat. Maintain a record of all communication and notifications with the tenant and never loose that communication activity. No app for your tenant to download.

Messaging tenants

SMS Text Messaging with Tenants, Sales and Vendors

Texting sales inquires should be easy

Use your Doorkeep phone number for property listings on Yard Signs, Craigslist, Zillow, etc and be able to react quick and as a team.

For sales

React quickly with sales leads

Your sales leads can call or text your Doorkeep phone number from your property listing. Let them engage with you during a showing or followup with them after a showing. Keep notes in all conversations for reference with the rest of your team. Easily convert your sales leads to your tenant in Doorkeep.

Messaging sales

SMS Text Messaging with Tenants, Sales and Vendors

Texting your property vendors should be easy

Have your yard crew text you when a job is complete and always have a record of that when the invoice arrives. Easy for them and easy and helpful for the team when paying the bills.

For vendors

Keep communication records with your vendors

Enable your vendors to show you when a job is done. Doorkeep enables any of your contacts to send attachments in text messages or emails. We keep these attachments for as long as you have an account.

Message vendors